Happy Women’s Day: Rent a HUGE Bouquet “For The ‘Gram”


International Women’s day is here, and this comes with many posts celebrating women in all our lives, a couple of marches in some cities around the world, and then of course there is Russia.

First off, a round of applause to Russia that has this day marked as a public holiday (translation: no work), and in a bid to make sure that no woman is left out on this day a pop-up service is giving Russian women an offer they cannot refuse. Women of all ages  can save face on social media by renting HUGE bouquets of flowers for 10 minutes, so they can slay on “the gram”.

For the very low price of just $12, the service will send someone with 101 roses to your location, and give you just enough time to take several pictures that will be Instagram-Worthy. Sadly, the courier will have to take them back with him but at least you got your picture right?

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