Hella Hot Prisoner Jeremy Meeks Gets Served By His Wife After Being Busted With Another Woman

You remember Jeremy Meeks? The hottest inmate to ever been photographed? Yes it may be a stretch but when his mug shot came out women were flocking the jail, offering to pay bail.

Well, he served his time, and got out and was immediately recruited as a model and has managed to climb the social ranks very quickly. However, his wife, that he’s had since high school days, and who stood by him through his time as a visitor of the state, has slapped him with divorce papers.

Jeremy was busted after pictures of him locking lips with a billionaire Top Shop owner surfaced online. They were partying it up on a yacht while his wife sat at home with his kids. That seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back, and 8 years of marriage are set to go down the toilet.

When confronted with the pictured upon his return from his fun in the sun, the couple agreed their relationship was beyond saving. She’s however, devastated about the sudden change in her life, and doesn’t have very kid words about her husbands rich “girlfriend”.

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