Legal Preparations Underway in the Venus Williams Fatal Car Crash Case

Venus Williams was recently involved in a car crash that left 78-year old Jerome Barson deceased. He died from the injuries he sustained 2 weeks after the accident happened. In recent interviews Venues appears visibly shaken and saddened by it.

According to reports from E! News, Williams lawyer filed a motion in court to prevent the Barson family lawyer from conducting an inspection on data on the Hyundai Accent. The reason behind this is because he’s concerned that evidence may be destroyed or tampered with in the process of inspection.

The Hyundai is the vehicle that Mr Barson and his wife were travelling in. The deceased wife claims that she was unable to avoid Venus’ car and they subsequently collided. According to Mrs. Williams, she entered the intersection when the light was green but traffic ahead meant that she had to stop.

Venus was not cited with any traffic offense or has had any charges filed against her, but the investigation is still ongoing.

Venus’ lawyer is requesting that the vehicle data inspection be postponed until there is a clear procedure is outlined about how the data will be acquired and processed to avoid any loss or contamination.

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