Legalize It? South Africa Says YES!


South Africa will soon become one of the first countries in Africa to legalize marijuana. This move comes strictly based on medical grounds. The Medicines Control Council (MCC) of South Africa said that they will release their proposed guidelines to dictate the rules on cannabis production and for its medical use.

There are several politicians and medical practitioners that believe that this is a step in the right direction for the rainbow nation and will not only add to their growing international success in medical research but also create new income lines for the nation, some of which are stated in the video below:

In Colorado, annual profit from the legalisation of marijuana rack up to an impressive $1 billion and the rest of the world is looking to getting into the business.

Ghana at the moment, is looking at decriminalising the use of marijuana, proposing that those who use or abuse the substance receive medical care and rehabilitation as opposed to prosecution. It isn’t clear, however, if that in turn means the legalisation of marijuana.

Whatever the position of each African nation, drug use of any kind is not only frowned upon, is some countries it comes with decades of jail time attached to it for just using, many more for dealing or trafficking.


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