MI6 Will Be Advertising In Cinemas Soon…….For Real

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We’ve all seen a James Bond movie. And If you haven’t then nothing in this article will make sense to you. For the 24 films of the dapper men in Her Majesty’s Service, we may think we know what it might be like to be in MI6 but according to reps from the British Secret Service equivalent, this is all Hog Wash.

The Secret Intelligence Service, better known as MI6 says that the James Bond depicted in Ian Flemming’s books would probably have never made it into MI6. In fact, all the action, sex and drama of James Bond movies has given the agency a hard time when it comes to encouraging young people to sign up to join MI6.

In this spirit, this past Monday, MI6 launched it’s first ever cinema advert, showing the true characteristics that they need in future “Double 0” agents.

Look out, if you’re in an Ivy league school, you may just get the “tap on the shoulder” and turn into a secret agent.

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