R. Kelly Accused Of Holding Women Against Their Will In Weird “Sex Cult”

A recent  BuzzFeed report has put singer R. Kelly in the legal spotlight once again. Several women are said to be held against their will by Mr. Kelly and forced into sexual acts in some sort of cult.

R Kelly issued a statement through his lawyer, denying the allegations and says that they will track donw his accusers and clear his name.

He’s accused of brainwashing women, and holding them captive in his home through rather dominant and aggressive behaviour. One woman tells the BuzzFeed reporter that she was one held by the neck and pushed against the tree by Mr. Kelly because she was “too friendly” to a subway worker.

The investigation into these accusations by the journalist was sparked off by 3 different sets of parents who claim to have lost contact with their children, some as young as 19 years of age (above the legal age of consent).

One of the women, who’s parents have been trying to locate her was interviewed by TMZ and says that she has not been brainwashed, she isn’t in a cult and that she’s fine and would like her parents to stop with the hysterics.

Three former members of Kelly’s inner circle were also interviewed, saying that six women lived in properties managed by the singer in similar conditions.

They reported that if any of Kelly’s “tenants” broke the rules, they would be punished physically and verbally. A call to the police by the parents of these women, initiated “goodwill visits” by the authorities to these homes.

At the moment, the police cannot do much without evidence of abuse, or anything else criminal. The good will visits resulted in very little to arrest Mr. Kelly on. All the women in question seemed in good health.


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