Swedish Hotel Chain Will Refund You If You Get Divorced After Your Stay


A hotel chain in Sweden is willing to offer a refund to couples to stay with them, if they get divorced within a year of their last stay at one of their fine establishments.

The Countryside Hotels group plan is to get spouses to spend more time together, and very importantly, work on their relationship. The hotel chain is offering a guarantee on short term stays at its hotels, for couples who just need some time away from their real lives, to focus in their relationships.

If after one of these 2-day couple stays at one of their establishments, a couple divorces, they are willing to fully refund their stay.Petra Fagrell Jansson, who runs one of the hotels, claims that she isn’t worries that this venture will be costly, because the hotel brand and its employees believe that these short stays will help couples work on whatever issues they have. There is however a small catch.

Only couples that are already married can qualify. The couple must stay in the same room and reference the relationship guarantee when making their booking. Should the couple get divorced, then they need to present the hotel management with court documents, before they can be refunded.

Enjoy your stay lovebirds.

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