Villagers In China Divorce En-Mass For Larger Payouts

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160 couples in a village in China have decided to get divorced, all at once, in order to get a bigger pay day, after forced demolition.

The village is being cleared to make way for a high tech development. Each couple stand to gain a home that’s under 300 square feet and over $10,000 as their compensations, but the villagers got wise to a loophole.

They found out, that as single people they could qualify for a new house each, that would be slightly bigger than the one the one they would have qualified for as a couple. Another thing that they discovered is that they would receive at least $19,000 extra if they claimed as singles.

So now 160 couples, some as old as 80, are filing for divorce en-mass to make the move more profitable. Some say that they will get remarried in the future, others say that they’ll just live together, since they’re too old to bother with getting re-married.

A law firm is charging more than $2,000 (£1,600) to help people with their divorces. Officials say that are aware of the loophole, and do not know if they can, or will change it.

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